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Best Karaoke in KC… 3 Years in a Row!

October 17th, 2014 | Posted in Kansas City |

IMG_7599Mary-oke at Hamburger Mary’s reigns supreme once again!  For the third year in a row, our weekly Mary-oke (Friday & Saturday nights) has been voted “Best” in KC.  Thanks everyone for voting, and thanks to all the singers who make our karaoke so much fun.   IMG_7600

For KC Mary’s: There’s No Place Like Home!

February 25th, 2011 | Posted in Kansas City |

Hamburger Mary’s Kansas City has survived a scare! You may have heard the rumors that we might be closing or moving, and now we can say for sure that Mary’s is here to stay and “There’s no place like HOME!”

To recap the saga: We received news back in January that our landlord had lost the property where we are located to foreclosure. We began negotiations for a new lease with the new owner, but were surprised by the unexpected notice to vacate the property by February 28!  Upon receiving this news, we began an exhaustive search for a new home. We are thankful to everyone who gave us leads on different properties to consider (and for all of you who offered encouragement and support!)  We looked at and investigated more properties than you could imagine in the search for what we thought would end up being our new home.

During the search for a new home, however, Mary’s owners and leadership team became deeply saddened and disturbed by the thought of throwing away all of the time, money and energy that had been dedicated to transforming a run-down building into what Hamburger Mary’s is today. So we hired a new legal team who is highly experienced in negotiating business agreements, and discussions were successfully reopened with the new owner. After much discussion and compromise on both sides, we were able to come to a reasonable agreement for both parties. We signed a agreement on February 23 that will ensure Hamburger Mary’s will have a home at 101 Southwest Blvd for a long time to come!

We view this new lease on the building almost as a new lease on life for Hamburger Mary’s as well. While we might not be changing locations, Spring is knocking on our door, signifying new life. And as we make preparations to open up our deck—which we ALL love—please know that we are also planning some new and exciting things for Mary’s… So stay tuned!

We are so thankful to all of you who were by our side during this entire ordeal. We cannot thank you enough for the supportive and encouraging words when we felt like our future was in jeopardy. It was your encouragement that got us through the last 6 weeks. And we are forever grateful. “Eat, Drink and be… MARY!”

– The KC Mary’s Team

ps… You can read more about the saga on KC’s The Pitch… here and here

KC-Mary’s Announces New Entertainment Lineup

May 23rd, 2010 | Posted in Kansas City |

Hamburger Mary’s has been open less than a year, and already it is one of the hot spots in Kansas City… with great burgers & drinks, and an exciting line up of nightly entertainment!

MaryOke Mondays… Come early to enjoy 1/2 price burgers in the dining room (5-9p), then hop on over Mary’s Glam Bar for some sing-along fun!

HamBINGO is now Tuesdays AND Wednesdays… Twice the HamBINGO means twice the fun (and twice the $$ for charity)!  It’s bingo, Hamburger Mary’s style, with lots of tongue in cheek sass.  And it’s all for a good cause, as we give proceeds to a different local charity every week.

Puzzled about what to do Thursday night?  Then come on in and join the crazy quizmaster Trever Longfellow and test your knowledge of random trivia against your friends!  Just ask Mary: “That Trevor is an interesting bloke with a funny accent,” says Mary.  “But I really dig his glasses.”

Weekend DJs and a “Recycled Sunday” round out the week of happenings.  So it doesn’t matter what day you come in, the fun never stops at Mary’s.  “Eat, Drink, and be… MARY!”

Hey KC: “Ready or not, here we are!”

March 13th, 2010 | Posted in Kansas City |


The following article appeared in Kansas City’s The Pitch March 11, 2010

It’s here, it’s queer and it serves beer: Hamburger Mary’s, a restaurant that does for America’s favorite sandwich what Liberace did for classical music. It’s flamboyant in every sense of the word, right down to the color of the building. Previously home to Smokin’ Joe’s Bar-B-Q and, more recently, a short-lived boxing-themed bar, the building where Southwest Boulevard meets Baltimore in the Crossroads is now the color of a grape-flavored all-day sucker. And if the violet exterior doesn’t come right out and scream “queen” (or something like that), the awning over the entrance says it all: “Eat, drink … and be Mary.”

Enough decades have passed since The Boys in the Band, which introduced straight-laced Americans to smartly dressed homosexuals calling each other “Mary,” that the term seems quaintly antique. (It’s a slangy reference dating back to the early 1900s.) But the joke lives on at Hamburger Mary’s, where one burger is called the Black and Bleu Boy, and another is the Big Johnson. There hasn’t been a restaurant this ambitiously and openly gay since Sara Crankankles, a midtown bistro of the 1980s, where all the servers were drag queens.

On one of my visits, we were escorted to a table by a statuesque African-American hostess in a blond wig and cherry-red lipstick (but with biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s). Waiters are all in male garb and as cherubic as altar boys, but at least one of them will happily show you cell-phone photos of himself as his stage persona, Valerie Versace. “Honey, you look just like a young Cher!” Truman gushed.

Cher, the real, old one, is one of the musical artists playing in videos on TV monitors mounted around the dining room: Cher, Madonna, Mariah Carey, even ABBA. The place is loud, raucous and super-friendly. “But is it too gay for Kansas City?” Truman whispered. After all, the Hamburger Mary’s chain started in San Francisco. There’s not one in the city by the bay anymore, but …  if Cedar Rapids can handle one, by god, we can, too.

Just to be sure, though, I posed the question to the restaurant’s owner, a local surgeon named Eric Christensen. He told me that he was eating at the West Hollywood Hamburger Mary’s several years ago and saw a table tent with information about franchising the concept. Right then and there, he decided that Kansas City had to have one. After hiring Robbie McGowan away from CafÈ Trio to manage the new place, Christensen finally opened the local outpost in December.

“Our first test of customer acceptance took place during [February's] First Friday,” Christensen said. “We watched quite a few straight couples come into the restaurant to look around. A couple of them left, but most stayed and had a ball. That’s how this restaurant is going to catch on.”
To read the complete article on The Pitch, CLICK HERE.