MaryOke "UnPlugged"

MaryOke “UnPlugged”

It’s karaoke like you’ve never experienced…. Just you, the mic, and a guy with a guitar! That guy is Kevin… and he’ll be strumming his guitar and singing backup as you take the stage every Thursday night in Mary’s Attic.

MaryOke-Unplugged combines the best parts of live music, karaoke, and open mic… all at once!  Guests choose from a list of over 400 songs, and come up to sing while an acoustic guitar player provides musical accompaniment, percussion, and backing vocals.  (Click here to see the song list!)

Styles range from folk to heavy metal to rock to modern pop and EVERYTHING in between! Breaking the stereotype of acoustic music being mellow or soft, it’s a raucous good time for performers and audiences alike.


If the idea of singing to an acoustic guitar freaks you out, don’t worry… Our computer catalog of thousands of regular karaoke songs are also available!



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