Partying With The Divas Saturdays

Divas Show

Do you love to party because we do! Come Eat, Drink, and party with the Divas at 10pm every Saturday night. This rotating cast of beauties will keep you entertained and dancing all night long. Hosted by Outsmart Magazine’s Most divine drag queens of the year Alexye’us Paris.

There will be a $5.00 per person entertainment fee charged to each guest. Reservations are a must, book online or call (713) 677-0674

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*** It takes several hours for the performers to get ready before a show. It’s all about making the Hamburger Mary’s experience unforgettable. Please help us keep it unforgettable by leaving athletic wear, undergarments (such as tank tops and undershirts) and do-rags / bandannas at home. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! ***

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