About Us

In 1972 the original Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille was introduced in San Francisco as an “open air bar & grille for open minded people”. It was a funky friendly dive put together on a shoe-string budget. With humble beginnings, Hamburger Mary’s quickly grew into a staple, and is now the only national franchise with a strong history in the LGBTQ community.  

Neka & Diana (Owners)

In 2015 Married couple Neka & Diana Dunlap wanted to bring the Mary’s Concept to the Inland Empire.  The IE was in need of a “People Friendly” venue where patrons of diverse backgrounds, ages, race, sexuality, and gender can come together with the common goal of enjoying delicious fresh food and cocktails, and watching fabulous entertainment. Neka And Diana decided to open their own Mary’s in the city of Ontario… the heart of the Inland Empire. After several months of renovations and designing, they were ready to open their doors with an eclectic venue which boasts the famous shoe wall and pop culture paintings by talented local artist Harvey Del Rey.

In September of 2015, Hamburger Mary’s Ontario opened their doors and quickly became a staple in the IE community. Voted the Best Place for Burgers and Brunch in the Inland Empire Magazine, Mary’s Ontario has something for everyone. Whether you are Straight, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Black, White, young, or… of a certain age… at Mary’s we are One Big Happy Family… The true definition of Love. Enjoy!