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Are you tired of your ho-hum job in the corporate world? Are you tired of doing all the work for someone else? Have you always dreamed of owning your own restaurant or bar? If you answered “yes,” then a Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille might be in your future. And we are prepared to lend you our expertise, training, and support to make your dreams a reality!

Be Your Own Boss!

There are many reasons for opening a Hamburger Mary’s franchise, but perhaps the best one is that you can finally be your own boss! While there are some strict standards for all Hamburger Mary’s franchises to assure quality and consistency, we offer the most flexibility in operating your restaurant.

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Why Open a Franchise?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to open a restaurant, then why not just open your own place? Truth is, it’s a sad fact that more than half of new restaurants and bars fail within the first few years. A great idea does not guarantee success, and many people lack the business experience and resources to see their vision through. By opening a Hamburger Mary’s franchise, you can reduce your risk of failure by relying on our experience to help you get your Mary’s up and running.

The Hamburger Mary’s team isn’t made up of “corporate suits.” We are franchisees ourselves, so we know what it’s like to open your first restaurant. We will provide support during all phases of opening your franchise, from site selection to equipment and interior design. You’ll receive training on our tried-and-true recipes and unique “Mary Show” concept at one of our flagship stores in addition to on-site training at your new location. After you open, you’ll continue to receive guidance with restaurant functions and promotions.

What Makes Mary’s Different?

The first Hamburger Mary’s opened in San Francisco in 1972, with the motto “an open-air bar & grill for open-minded people.” The passion for individuality and non-conformity that the original owners brought to the business still courses through Mary’s veins today. While there are several core values and business standards that must be implemented at all Hamburger Mary’s franchises, we offer exceptional flexibility in the operation of your restaurant. Part of what makes Hamburger Mary’s so special is that each location is a little different.

With a rooftop deck in Kansas City, a large dance floor in Long Beach, and a microbrewery in Chicago… each location has its individual flare because at Hamburger Mary’s there are no “cookie cutter” ideas. Even the menu can be tweaked to include your own “Special-Teases” and burger creations!

Hamburger Mary’s has a great name recognition for serving good food and providing high-quality entertainment. We are also known for our charity fundraising and support for our communities, especially among the LGBT community. This has enabled us to build a strong customer base over the past 40 years.

As a Hamburger Mary’s franchise owner, you get the best of both worlds… All the name recognition and reputation of a great brand, with the flexibility to be your own boss. Of course, that means some hard work on your part. But if you’re willing to give it your all, the rewards are definitely worth it!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Click here to review our Franchise Criteria and to apply or call (323) 533-5159 (franchise inquiries only).