Charity Drag Bingo Saturdays. Balls drop at 4pm

Charity HamBINGO Mary’s! Saturday

This ain’t your grandma’s bingo…  After all, this ain’t the VFW!  It’s down and dirty “HamB-I-N-G-O” Hamburger Mary’s style, with lots of tongue0-in-cheek sass!

We call the balls for Charity every Wednesday and Thursday night at 7pm, and again Saturdays at 4pm. Come play and help a great local charity raise some moolah!  There’s a different local charity every night!


Wed & Thurs 7pm

Saturdays 4pm


We fill up for almost every charity bingo event, so we encourage you to make reservations. That’s the only way to ensure you have a table.

Click here to make a reservation!


*Note: To be seated at a table during charity bingo events there is a $15 minimum purchase per person at the table mandatory purchase.

*To play bingo, a $10 donation to the charity will get you a book of 10 bingo cards. 100% of the donation goes to the charity. No cash prizes are given to game winners. Winners of each game are given a prize from the prize table which are donated to the charity.

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