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Mary’s Fabulous Saturday Drag Brunch

Drag Brunch graphic
Drag Brunch? On Saturday? Yes, honey! Mary’s Sunday Drag Brunch is on Saturdays too! All the amazing entertainment, brunch buffet, and good times on Saturday mornings. The brunch shows starts at 11:00am and 1:00pm, but the doors open at 10:00am. Reservations are set between 10:00m and 10:30am, for the early show, and 12:30pm and 12:45pm for the later show. Make your reservations now by clicking here.
NOTE: There is a $15 minimum purchase per person to be seated at a table during Drag Brunch. There is also a $3.99 show fee per person that will be added to your table’s ticket at the end of the show for excised expenses we are required to pass on to the customer because we are not a ticketed show venue.
Hamburger Mary’s is a restaurant, licensed for all ages. However, we do not recommend children younger than 13 be brought to any of our shows or charity bingo events due to the strong adult language and humor used from the stage by our hosts and performers. But we leave that decision to the parents and we do not make judgment calls.

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