What Is It?

Mary’s “Bingo Game Show” is a weekly charity event held in Hamburger Mary’s Dining Room, with a different charity beneficiary every week… hosted by the fabulous Dear Ruthie (from the whacky-fun YouTube show ‘Camp Wannakiki’) and hilarious Jaclyn Jill.

This is NOT your typical “church basement bingo.” The show can get a little risqué, so enjoy the drink specials and leave the kids at home.  It’s all about having fun while supporting local Milwaukee charities.

How Do You Play?

In addition to various themed Bingo games, we throw in a few hilarious audience-participation games.  There are various fun prizes for each game (there are no cash prizes. This is all about F-U-N, not gambling!)

While there is no specific cost to play bingo, we do charge a nominal $3 show fee to cover the entertainment expense.  Additionally, we partner with a different local charity each week.   Guests are encouraged to donate to the charity!

No cash prizes for bingo games (This is a charity event, not a casino LOL). Some charities will hold 50/50 raffles if they have the proper license.

"It takes Balls to play BINGO!" at Hamburger Mary's

What Charities Are Participating?

There is a different charity group or organization every week, and they range from pet rescue groups to HIV/AIDS organizations. The best way to find out which charity is coming this week is to sign up for our weekly e-blast or Follow us on Facebook.

How Can My Charity Get Involved?

If you want to host a “Bingo Game Show” for your charity/organization, click here to send us an email.  We’ll send you some information on how you can participate!

Any charity or organization can participate in Mary’s charity “Bingo Game Show.” We reserve the right to review the mission of each group to determine whether it is a charity fitting with Hamburger Mary’s own beliefs and values as an “open-air bar & grille for open-minded people.”

"Bingo GameShow" logo - an outrageous charity gayme night!