Nutrition Information

Fresh and Made-to-Order

At Hamburger Mary’s, we pride ourselves on making delicious food that is fresh and made-to-order.

We are committed to providing as accurate nutritional information as possible, but there may be differences between the actual nutritional content of freshly-prepared items and the information contained in the document linked below. That is due to the the natural variability that occurs within ingredients, and also due to variations that occur due to the hand-crafted nature of each menu item (and also substitutions requested by guests). Please keep this in mind when reviewing this document and when making dining decisions.

Nutrition information may include an entire menu item, or just one component of the menu item (example: Burger entrees vary depending on the type of meat/patty selected as well as the choice of side dish).
Please note that not every Hamburger Mary’s menu is 100% the same, and some locations offer special/seasonal items that are not listed here. For nutrition info on these items, please contact your local Hamburger Mary’s.

As always, we are happy to make modifications and substitutions if requested, but keep in mind that this will impact the nutritional information of that item.

Eat, Drink, and be… Mary!

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